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Message from the Chairman

Message (The Japan Carbon Fiber Manufacturers Association)

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 The Japan Carbon Fiber Manufacturers Association (JCMA), currently a committee in the Japan Chemical Fibers Association (JCFA), was established in 1978 as the Japan Carbon Fiber Conference with the aim of contributing to the development of the carbon fiber industry in Japan. After that, the organization was renamed the Japan Carbon Fiber Manufacturers Association (JCMA) in 1988 and merged into the Japan Chemical Fibers Association (JCFA) in 2014. JCMA now continues to conduct activities as a committee in JCFA and actively supports the healthy and sustainable growth of the carbon fiber industry.

 Since their commercial launch in the 1970s, carbon fibers have been used for a wide range of applications that take advantage of their light weight and high strength. Carbon fibers are currently indispensable for further sustainable industrial development, especially in view of increasing demand for green technologies for a new age in various fields. Such promising carbon fiber applications include structural elements and engine parts of next-generation aircraft, reinforcements that will help produce larger wind power turbine blades, and reinforcements for natural gas and hydrogen tanks used in automobiles.

 In order for more people to safely and comfortably use carbon fiber, JCMA continues addressing the sound development of carbon fiber industry through the dissemination activities and the promotion of international standardization etc. and contributes to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) by 2030 and 2050 Carbon-Neutral goal set by Japanese Government.

Your continued understanding and support are greatly appreciated.


July, 2022
Hiroki Matsuo
Chairman, Japan Carbon Fiber Manufacturers Association