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Application to Environment and Energy Fields

Blade for Wing Power Generation

Wind power generation which has become popular recently is expected to require bigger and bigger blades to have higher and higher output capacity for each unit. In order to support big size blades, use of CFRP becomes vitally necessary.

And as the material for high speed rotating body for fly wheels which are attracting public attention as a technology to store energy effectively based on theory of top spinning, use of CFRP is becoming popular.

Shell for Fuel Battery

And fuel batteries, the favorite for clean energy technology, use Carbon Fiber material at their heart parts. Keeping pace with the popularization of such fuel batteries, the demand of Carbon Fibers are expected to grow up.

Sea Oil Platform Structures

On the other hand, in petroleum oil industries, more and more reduction of weight is required for cables supporting off-shore constructions and pipes to pump oils up with the development of deep water drilling. Also in this field the use of lightweight, high strength CFRP is under serious study. This is also attracting public attention as a potential big application field.