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Application of Building and Civil Fngineering Fields

Reinforced Materials for Building

In buildings and civil engineering field, the reinforcement of structures among others is the first area of application of Carbon Fibers with favored advantages of lightweight and high strength.
To increase durability of concrete structures such as bridges by covering them with Carbon Fiber sheets is being recognized as an effective reinforcement measure to increase resistance against earthquakes. This technology is used in various part of the world, among others in Japan.

On the other hand, serious efforts are made in many countries world over to develop technology to use CFRP for building material. Construction planning of bridges with CFRP as the main structural material are in progress in many part of the world. Application to reinforcement of concrete, to the cables for suspension bridges and as the substitute for steel frames are under serious study and CFRP is expected to be a qualified building material in the future.

Reinforced Concreate Materials for BuildingReinforced Concreate Materials for High-way Road

It is expected that CFRP would be used in the future as the shield material against electromagnetic interference and as an intelligent material telling you of possible damages in building structures utilizing its conductivity. It is expected that CFRP would widely be used in building and civil engineering fields.