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Application to Automotives Fields

As a result of increasing attention to environmental problems, to design clean car with lowest fuel consumption has become a very important objective.
To achieve the objective, car builders are making their serious efforts to develop the process to reduce car weight and fuel consumption by the use of CFRP for structural parts.
So far CFRP has been an indispensable material for racing cars, F1 racing cars among others.
Now there is a tendency to try to use the fiber for commercial, mass production cars in full scale in order to reduce production costs to a minimum practical level.
Disk Brake

Automobile CNG Shell

Carbon Fibers are used also for CNG tanks for natural gas cars which are becoming more and more popular now and for hydrogen tanks installed on fuel battery cars which are regarded as the environment friendly favorite in future.
The technology to produce light weight, high pressure compressed gas tanks with aluminum or plastic liners reinforced by Carbon Fibers winding is becoming popular now, and you can see natural gas cars reinforced by Carbon Fiber in your towns.
Carbon Fibers are used also for high-speed railway trains.